Scottys Squirrels i a brand new guild in RIFT, we havent decided on wich shard yet and will probably up and going until mid april. We are an easy going, semi casual oriented guild. We are looking for not necessary in age mature people, but if you want a friendly enviroment before loot. Like to help people and/or need help yourself this can be the guild for you.

We operate within European time (CET/GMT), where events are scheduled, but welcome players from all parts of the world. We at Scottys Squirells require our members to communicate in English in the interests of maintaining a close-knit and friendly guild, your English doesn't have to be perfect just functional!

We acknowledge that as a guild populated by adults, we have to be flexible and understand the needs of our members, and the commitments that go along with being an adult gamer. We do expect all members to be good mannered, and to treat others with respect within the gaming enviroment and where possible to strive to contribute to improving the guild both socially and within the game.

We at Squirrels would consider our guild to be casual but dedicated, ambitious with game goals of maintaining high standards of play and compete as much as we can with regards to endgame and opportunities it may present.

We are intending on playing on a PvP server come release our faction will be Guardians. We hopefully will smash defiant faces in warfronts, or in their main cities/questhubs, help fellow guardians in trouble (when they i.e. getting ganked). If you feel we may suit you as a guild, and have any questions please contact us ingame or sned an reply.

We are currently looking for;

PVP Squirrel
If player vs player is your thing, are you willing to help help people with their pvp souls, setup warfront premdes or even go kill some defiants, please add this in your application.

Raid Squirrel
If you can help or take the roll as raidleader. But most important help our members to find helpfull links, videos and strategys. Please add this in you application.

At this moment we will not use any kind of DKP system.